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Pain, pain, go away…

Decided to make a rinse for my mouth today. The past few days I've been dealing with some painful sores in my mouth and on the side of my tongue. (One of the side effects of chemo) On top of the pains all over my head, different sections at a time, and cheek bones, it's… Continue reading Pain, pain, go away…

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Fast With Me…

Every two weeks I go into a fast before my chemo. This will be my second round. My first round was hard because I wasn't prepared. My chemo date was thrown at me and I had to start that day, so I wasn't able to mentally prepare for my journey. Nevertheless, I did it. I… Continue reading Fast With Me…

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Chemo Made Me Do It

One of the side effects of chemotherapy are mouth sores. Sexy, right? My drug regiment is what they call ACT. (Adriamycin Cyclophosphamide and Taxel) My treatment starts with the administering of A and C together, and ends with T later on down the road. Some of the side effects of these drugs? Hair lossLoss of… Continue reading Chemo Made Me Do It

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Cancer Picked the Wrong Crazy

Do I think I need to go through chemotherapy? To kill my cancer? Honestly? No. I believe we were able to remove enough during surgery for it not to be of concern (with the proper lifestyle), however, like many things I've gone through in my life, I feel it's a journey I should take. There… Continue reading Cancer Picked the Wrong Crazy

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COVID-19, You SURE Know How to Take the "FUN" out of Chemotherapy

"Dear MSK Patients and Visitors, To respond to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19, we have updated our visitor policy. Effective Friday, March 20, at 12:01 am, we will no longer allow patients to have visitors." Now, if you've followed my extensive cancer journey, (6 months TODAY from diagnosis. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!!) you know, THIS is… Continue reading COVID-19, You SURE Know How to Take the "FUN" out of Chemotherapy