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“But She’s Your Mother…”

This is a post from a very dear friend of mine. Beautiful, both inside and out, however, don't let her beauty fool you, she's tough as nails and will fuck you up if you deserve it. We've known each other for over 10 years now. I know of the many instances she's had with her… Continue reading “But She’s Your Mother…”

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Chemo Made Me Do It

One of the side effects of chemotherapy are mouth sores. Sexy, right? My drug regiment is what they call ACT. (Adriamycin Cyclophosphamide and Taxel) My treatment starts with the administering of A and C together, and ends with T later on down the road. Some of the side effects of these drugs? Hair lossLoss of… Continue reading Chemo Made Me Do It

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Cancer Picked the Wrong Crazy

Do I think I need to go through chemotherapy? To kill my cancer? Honestly? No. I believe we were able to remove enough during surgery for it not to be of concern (with the proper lifestyle), however, like many things I've gone through in my life, I feel it's a journey I should take. There… Continue reading Cancer Picked the Wrong Crazy

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What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

For some reason, I'm still here. After multiple suicide attempts, kidnappings, my mother, rapes, abuses, accidents, MY mother, overdoses, addictions, natural disasters, MY MOTHER, I'm still here. I was raised Catholic, or moreso, I was taken to church as a little girl sometimes on Sundays. In my teens, I had Catholism stuffed down my throat… Continue reading What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger