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Fast With Me…

Every two weeks I go into a fast before my chemo. This will be my second round. My first round was hard because I wasn't prepared. My chemo date was thrown at me and I had to start that day, so I wasn't able to mentally prepare for my journey. Nevertheless, I did it. I… Continue reading Fast With Me…

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Living on Cancer’s Edge

I've had a craving for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough since Sunday. When do I ever have these cravings? Hardly ever. But it was there. With the quarantine and all though, one must ask, is it worth risking one's life? So I waited. Waited until the moment a store run needed to… Continue reading Living on Cancer’s Edge

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Cancer Picked the Wrong Crazy

Do I think I need to go through chemotherapy? To kill my cancer? Honestly? No. I believe we were able to remove enough during surgery for it not to be of concern (with the proper lifestyle), however, like many things I've gone through in my life, I feel it's a journey I should take. There… Continue reading Cancer Picked the Wrong Crazy

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Tennis anyone? No, says Mr CoronaVirus

HOW DARE YOU! **WAAAAAA** Was so happy when I saw the tennis courts were nice and empty, just to arrive to this sign. No courts? No problem! Imaginary nets and life's good. Day 3 after my first chemo. Just feeling a little groggy, not too groggy to get outside for some sweet sunshine, fresh air… Continue reading Tennis anyone? No, says Mr CoronaVirus