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Pain, pain, go away…

Decided to make a rinse for my mouth today. The past few days I’ve been dealing with some painful sores in my mouth and on the side of my tongue. (One of the side effects of chemo) On top of the pains all over my head, different sections at a time, and cheek bones, it’s a bit much. Drains me of my energy, on top of the fatigue. (another side effect) It’s hard to stay positive and upbeat, but I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job of it. TODAY though, April 13th, I woke up with a pain level of about 4, which is a WIN! Compared to the 8-10 I’ve been experiencing lately. 13 is a pretty big number in my life, so I figure it’s looking out for me today.

As I was making my mouth wash, Chloe was curiously watching. She looked too cute not to snap a pic of.

This past week, my anxiety returned. From the moment before my eyes even greet the day, so my little pothead, Alexis, got me some CBD stuff. She’ll do anything to get me into her world. The gummies so far, are great for sleep. Helps me sleep throughout the night and my pains generally seem to be better as well. Haven’t had anxiety since, so have yet to try the CBD oil.

Did a little drive by past Times Square just to check it out. NYC has a sweet serenity to it these days. For the city that never sleeps, she seems quite happy to finally get a break. Oh, and yeah, I finally shaved my head! Right after my 2nd chemo session, my hair started falling out. In the shower, in bed, anytime I touched my head. So? It was time…

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