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My Shitty Life…and Then Came Cancer & COVID19

There are people that start their lives in shit. Then fight their way through shit. People that never get a break or even space to breathe, cuz all they’ve known is shit. I have suffered through a lot of shit, but at least I started with a pretty clean bowl, and then, after the shit, I finally got to flush my shit, and life wasn’t so shitty. Even better than shitty. There are lives so much better than mine, and lives, so much worse. I have a safe, clean space to lay my head. I am surrounding by love and joy, ample food, clean clothes, clean water to wash up and drink. Yes, I am “battling” cancer. Yes, the road isn’t so beautiful, however, there are so many roads worse than mine. Right now, no matter the outcome, I have a chance to live, to breathe, to be. There are people now who are living but dead because that’s the cards they were dealt. A revolving door of shit. I think of these people today, and wish, upon all miracles, that they finally get to flush their shit. 

When we are privileged, and so many of us are, in so many ways, we should remind ourselves of those that are not. It’s not a requirement, no. Life does not require you to be good or bad. There is really no “good” or “bad” in this world. What is, just is, however, there are things that can better/brighten or destroy/darken a world. This daily reminder is not for us to dampen the shine upon our lives, but to create a spark in order to brighten the lives of others.

The power of thought, creates a spark. With enough sparks, we create action, and action, my dear friends, is where the magic begins.

Who’s down for some magic today?


2 thoughts on “My Shitty Life…and Then Came Cancer & COVID19”

  1. you are amazing, strong, and you always make it through and you always come out stronger, wiser ad happier. .The creator of our universe placed you here for a reason, you have helped so many people of the edge and been that light at the end of many dark tunnels for a million of us, you are fabulous being who journey just got delayed not canceled. Keep being POSITIVE


    1. 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you for your kind words my beautiful queen. Hope all is well your way. I know my blog isn’t the book you’ve been pressing me about for a lifetime, but I hope it satisfies you until it comes. Cuz it shall. No doubt. 😘😘😘


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