Hello earthlings, and others! I hope life is treating you kindly. Most importantly, I hope YOU are treating YOU kindly. My name is Cara Bear Chanderlust. Self proclaimed mental patient, superhero and biker junkie (the ones with engines and SPEED!), born and bred in the Bahamas, and raised everywhere else. To say I’ve been around the world, is an understatement, both in literal terms and in regards to experiences, traumas and miracles. The world has graced me with them all. I’m the mutt of all mutts you can say, besides my pure bredded asianness. My current “to do” on my life experience list? Cancer. Breast cancer to clarify, and I’ve decided to share my days; what I go through, my day to day insanity and what I learn along the way, so? Welcome! To my journey into cancer and beyond. Attitude is EVERYTHING, has always been my motto, and I’m about to give it a run for its money. Coming along for the ride?